Working within the community to reforest the worlds most precious places.

What We Do

More Trees Together creates partnerships with civic minded businesses and individuals to support reforestation projects where they are desperately needed. Using direct donations from individuals or customized plans for businesses, More Trees Together and our partners supply funding to reforestation projects around the world.

How It Works

More trees Together creates partnerships with local businesses owners who donate a tailored portion of daily sales to support reforestation where it is desperately needed.


Partners of More Trees Together are able to decide their planetary impact by tailoring their donation to what works for them. Every time a client shops with a More Trees Together partner a donation is made supporting a global reforestation effort.


Shopping at your favourite coffee shop, farm stand or any other business can now be part of your environmental portfolio. Consumer purchase power can be used to support environmental initiatives and community economics globally.

On the Ground

More Trees Together works as a liaison between State side businesses and Conservation groups in the equatorial belt to develop holistic reforestation campaigns. Working with conservation groups that are already doing work to support their environment, together we create a income driven reforestation campaign. An economic model that supports the organization to raise funds through reforestation supports existing group members with capital to accomplish a groups goals.

More Trees Together supports conservation groups by:

Enlisting community members for localized tree planting. 

Educating groups and community members about the importance of reforestation and project methods

Organizing monthly tree planting events

Financing conservation groups efforts through reforestation campaigns

Promoting skills for developing budgets, record keeping and other essential soft skills for managing an organization or business

Certification courses in agroforestry and regenerative design free to group members

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